Wholesale purchasing products from China manufacturers.

The core business of our company is the wholesale supply of construction materials, household products and production equipment from China.

 We've been working in this business since 2003 and we have extensive experience in sourcing of reliable manufacturers of goods in China, shipping control, transportation, development of optimum logistic schemes, customs clearance for our clients and partners.

 We offer full support of clients in the terms of "outsourcing", for the companies which activities include doing business with China. Now goods from China become even more available.

Are you interested in wholesale purchases and the goods delivery from China?

You want to save on the wholesale goods delivery from China, but there is no contact with producers and the reliable transportation companies?

It is necessary that the wholesale from China was previously checked before sending?

The customs broker who will arrange goods from China with the minimum costs?

You wish to arrange the order and to receive the help in the choice of the manufacturers, delivery company, execution of all necessary documents in one company?

Let's make everything to help you!

We have partnership relationships with the leading China manufacturers.

Let's help to find suppliers, we will process all necessary documents and we will deliver goods from China.

Among the most popular goods: kitchen sinks, concrete mixers, laminated flooring, bathtubs enameled and acrylic, bamboo wallpaper and blinds, polymeric film, garden equipment, lighting fixtures, production equipment, painting tool, rattan furniture from China reliable producers.

 Why it is profitable to cooperate with us:

-Work experience more than 10 years;

-We deliver any goods from China in the necessary quantity and the corresponding quality according to the specified requirements;

-We work directly with producers, therefore, we provide the prices below as on trading platforms;

-We submit information on the supplier from 1 to 5 days in time;

-We deliver samples within 10 days;

-We deliver any wholesale goods from China on time in full.

-We specialize and focus on the wholesale supply of construction materials and production equipment from China since 2003 ;

-Nobody knows better this segment of the market, we do better because this only thing in what we are engaged, and we aren't sprayed on other transactions;

-We Invest a lot of time and finance in education and training of our specialists;

The most important for us is you - our client.

Honesty and integrity are cornerstones of our business.

We Provide completely open cooperation.

Wholesale purchasing from China.

We answer any questions if you would like:

To wholesale purchase construction materials from China;

To wholesale purchase items from China;

To buy the equipment from China;

To buy items for the home from China?

Welcome, make a request or contact us and obtain necessary information or consultation in the shortest possible time!

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