Golden Dragon in the paws of a pearl of wisdom, represents a complete harmony, grandeur, and wisdom. 

The dragon is the spirit of change, and therefore the spirit of life itself, it symbolizes power, wisdom, and goodness, as well as brings success in business. 

 The main activity of our company is a wholesale supply of goods and equipment from China.

We have been working in this field since 2003 and have extensive experience in the sourcing of manufacturers, control of freight transportation, development of optimal logistic schemes, forwarding and customs clearance to our clients and partners.

We offer full customer support for foreign trade, on the terms of "outsourcing", companies whose activity involves doing business with China.

Thanks to well-established schemes of work and professionalism of our specialists, we reduce to nothing all the risks, time and costs in working with foreign business partners.

Why should you cooperate with us?

- specialized and focused on the wholesale supply of goods and equipment from China since 2003(construction materials, household products, industrial equipment)

- nobody knows better this segment of the marketplace better than we do, because it the sole focus, and we are not sprayed on other activities

- invest the great amount of time and money in education and training our specialists.

- our primary focus is you our client

- honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our business

- provide a fully open cooperation


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Work with us and get success!

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